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Brand New of 2021

January 8, 2021

As 2020 was closed , OldTree go to the 6th year since 2016 ,we start to be surcing agent at customer , then sale the small gift to customer , As the mirror jewelry cabinet was in the stock can not sales because the broken of the mirror, we try to find our the soluctions to sovle this problem of damage during shipping , after the mirror jewelry cabinet was suceed in market , then we go on the mirror shoe cabinets , it was challange on the mirror broken , also challenge on the assemble , so we have find the soluction on teh small device and have soluction on the assemble .

After decades focus on the mirror furniture , space saving furniture , in the new decade , we will bring more creative , innovation furniture for all over the word.

We would like to thank all of our wonderful client and Partners in 2020 and all thoughtout the past decade, we would not have achieved oour grouth and success without you ! Wishing you all a very new years and our continuted success and relationship in the new year and in the new decades .