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2023 Canton Fair Design Innovation Award won the finalist award

December 1, 2023

The curved mirror shoe cabinet designed by Shenzhen Meilomei Daily Products Co., Ltd. won the finalist award in the 2023 Canton Fair Design Innovation Award, once again proving its leading position in the field of multi-functional furniture. The award-winning products are not only unique in design, but also functional and practical, fully reflecting our dedication to product innovation and quality.

Shenzhen Meilomei Daily Products Co., Ltd. has been committed to the design, development and sales of multi-functional furniture since its establishment in 2010. The company takes innovation as the driving force and market demand as the guidance, and constantly introduces competitive new products. Since 2011, the company has entered the field of shoe cabinet and successfully created the first mirror shoe cabinet (model GLS17017). With its unique design and practical functions, this shoe cabinet quickly won recognition and praise from the market.

The curved mirror shoe cabinet designed by Shenzhen Meilomei Daily Products Co., Ltd. is an innovation based on the traditional shoe cabinet. This shoe cabinet is made of high-quality materials, stylish and generous appearance, and has a unique elbow design, convenient for users to place shoes. In addition, the shoe shelf produced by an independent mold is used inside the shoe cabinet, which makes the storage space of the shoe cabinet more reasonable and convenient for users to classify and store shoes.

It is worth mentioning that the shoe rack of our shoe cabinet products has been tested 100,000 times to ensure the stability and durability of the product. This makes our products more competitive in the market and widely recognized by users.

In the selection of the Canton Fair Design Innovation Award, our curved mirror shoe cabinet won high recognition from the judges with its unique design and sophisticated production technology. This award is not only an affirmation of our products, but also an encouragement to our innovation and research and development.

Cooby, legal representative of Shenzhen Melomei Daily Products Co., LTD., said: "We are very pleased to have won the finalist Award of the Design Innovation Award at this Canton Fair, which fully demonstrates the high level of design and innovation of our products. We are committed to continuously innovating and optimizing our products to meet the needs of our users and enhance the competitiveness of our products."

In the future, Shenzhen Meilomei Daily Products Co., Ltd. will continue to be committed to the design and development of more innovative multi-functional furniture products to lead the new trend of the furniture market.