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Thinking of 996's work system

January 13, 2021

Recently, Mr. Ma’s 996 has become a hot spot, and everyone is discussing their own views. Today we will also discuss Mr. Ma's understanding of 996.

996 works at 9 am and leaves at 9 pm. They work six days a week. Office workers talk a lot.

It takes 10,000 hours to train a person's skills, or even make a good product. Without this guarantee, everything will be ignored. Any product that requires enough manpower and time to design can become a good product. The time spent is not enough, it can only be half a bucket of water or crude oil.

But I still believe that the pursuit should not be based on overtime, the amount of work completed, the proportion of workers, the most important thing is to complete those important tasks, and the most important tasks are completed. Work is helpful to the company's indicators, how to help the company's indicators, and how to help your own growth.

"Do our best to benefit the company and work on this basis"

Working actively (rather than completing tasks passively), the biggest advantage is that you are not a company, you can treat your work passively, and unconsciously become an unconscious pseudo-worker without arguing with your boss. It is easy to take charge of your work and choose a job. Individual progress is slow, even lagging behind in ability.

Whenever we always have something that cannot be done, we better stop, reorganize our work, take the initiative to stand on the position of the greatest help to the company's business, from the perspective of improving our own capabilities, organizing and maintaining ourselves. Then complete important things and help me get feedback about the workload.

The pseudo-workers have the following misunderstandings:
Simple repetition of work, no effect, no results, simple repetition every day.

Habitual failure, one person is repairing, does not seek a solution, the solution proposed by others, refuses, sticks to one's own views

I am capable, very hardworking, depressed, poorly adaptable to the outside world and unable to communicate with colleagues and colleagues.

1,000 hours of hard work requires a process, which is the result of the previous work required for the first time, not over and over again, there should be a breakthrough.

Several ways we strive to get rid of:
Delete low-level duplicates, seek more effective working methods and communication skills, and explain to new colleagues to deal with this situation, and do more high-level work yourself.

Challenge yourself, this will cause losses in the short term, but in the long run, this is the improvement of personal ability, challenge unknown areas, repeat familiar products, and work easily, rather than improve your own ability.

When you encounter something that is unacceptable, there are reasons to find out what the other party said, think in another place, and then think twice about everything, assuming that the other party is right, think twice to avoid habitual failure.

Record everything, don't trust your memory too much, thinking you can remember it, but in fact you will forget it soon.