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The story of the 2019 CIFF Furniture Fair

January 18, 2021

The story of CIFF Furniture Fair 2019 First day of Furniture Fair
Our first day was pretty good. Everyone was more interested in the multi-functional shelf and our products. Old customers and friends who had already made appointments would come to chat on the first day.

The old friend from the United States happened to be eating. I immediately returned to the stall. I haven’t seen it for many years. My arms have been marked by years. The customer said that his factory has expanded a bit, and his wife’s factory has also expanded a bit. Talking about we ate steak together in Las Vegas, USA, and then tried our luck. He was still lucky. Our boss didn't try his luck.

After we talked about it, we asked for a new quotation. When we talked about it, the unit price of our domestic products was high. We imported from Vietnam. After hearing this, we felt pressured and we must change to high-end products.

We have been doing the same thing and we can always make friends with colleagues in our work and products. Not cooperating today does not mean not cooperating tomorrow. Opportunities are always given to those who are prepared.